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Apply work permit in Viet Nam – the newest guide 2019

Apply work permit in Vietnam, please call us for 0904 904 307.

Work permit in Vietnam is a paper issued by the Department of Labor, Invalid and Society. The foreigners in Vietnam have to apply work permit in Vietnam in order to get long-term visa or temporary resident card. It is valid for a period maximized to 24 months (2 years). After it is expired 45 days; foreigners can renew for a new work permit.

1. Procedure for applying work permit in Vietnam.

We need to go through 2 different steps to apply work permit in Vietnam including:

Step 1: Applying to get the approval for the employment plan of using foreign employees in 15 working days.
Step 2: Applying for a work permit in Vietnam, in 7 working days.

During the time to process Step 1, Foreigner labor may prepare all required documents for Step 2, which include the following:

– Health check certification (if in overseas, need to be legalized).
– Foreign Criminal Record – It needs to be legalized, or  Vietnam Criminal Record;
– Certificate of Experience that needs to be legalized (to prove that the foreign employee having managerial experience).
– University degree or Bachelor Certificator Upper certificate, that document needed to be legalized
– Notarized copy of passport, all pages.
– 2 photos of size 4*6cm.

Apply work permit in Viet Nam

2. Contact.

Hoa Binh Consulting Trading and Import Export Company Limited.

Address: Room 405, 4th Floor, DMC Tower, 535 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

Phone: 0904 904307.




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